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Transsiberian Railway

The Transsiberian Railway is certainly one of the most famous train rides in the world. And it is definitely the longest train ride one can do without changing the train. I took the Transsiberian from Moscow to Irkutsk, which was my first stop on Lake Baikal from where I started my volunteering project for the … Continue reading Transsiberian Railway


When arriving in Moscow, the first impression is that simply everything in this city is huge. The city itself, the buildings, the streets, even the sidewalks for pedestrians. Or the malls, as the one shown in this picture… I took the metro to my hostel, and was immediately impressed of how the stations look – … Continue reading Moscow

Frankfurt to Moscow

I started my journey with a train that left way to early on a Friday morning in Frankfurt. After a train change in Berlin I went on to Warsaw, my stop for the first two nights. Basically this is already all I can say about this train ride, because it was particularly unexciting – I … Continue reading Frankfurt to Moscow