Travelling in China

Travelling in China can be really nice and at the same time quite annoying. China is a lot more developed than South East Asia, and there is normally no need to take endless bus rides through windy mountain roads with vomitting asian co-travellers (as in Laos for instance) cause much of China is connected by … Continue reading Travelling in China


I spent the first two weeks in China in Yunnan, a province in the extreme southeast of China, close to Tibet. Yunnan is kind of a link between China and South East Asia – the landscape is very similar to Laos, and there are a lot of ethnic minorities living in villages that look like … Continue reading Yunnan


I still can’t really believe it, but I actually made it into China. During the 5 months i have been travelling, I met a lot of people who had been in China and told me a lot about it. Some loved it, some hated it, but really everyone told me that it is totally different … Continue reading China!

Please Don’t Rush

Welcome to Laos, the country where simply sitting down in a cafe and trying to order a drink may take you more than an hour. This sounds like a negative introduction, but after the hustle and bustle of Vietnam this country is actually a welcome change. The country`s official name is Laos PDR. PDR stands … Continue reading Please Don’t Rush

Phong Nha Caves

3 days before i arrived there, I had never heard of the Phong Nha Caves, but it turned out to be the most impressive place of my whole trip. Somehow I had completely missed to know about Phong Nha, but suddenly everyone was talking about this remote place in the mountains where you can visit … Continue reading Phong Nha Caves

Kitsch & Canyoning

Vietnam is a hot country. Especially in the south, the temperatures are high all year round, and if you are there in the rainy season as I was, the climate is especially tough. So when I heard that there is a city not too far from Saigon that has a cooler climate all year round, … Continue reading Kitsch & Canyoning

S21 & Killing Fields

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia, and almost everyone I met who had been there told me that for tourists it is not really worth a long visit. It is a big, chaotic and smelly city without many touristy things. However, for people who go there, there is one thing that is a real … Continue reading S21 & Killing Fields

Temples & Scams

A 24 hour long flight brought me from Mongolia to Bangkok. I have written enough about the circumstances that brought me here, so I won’t repeat them; I guess it is just enough to say that arriving in South East Asia was a big cultural as well as temperature shock – The nights in Mongolia … Continue reading Temples & Scams